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Selhamin Poliment Amalfi Blue

Amalfi Blue

Selhamin Poliment Bole

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Selhamin Poliment Latinum Blue

Latinum Blue

Selhamin Poliment Black


Selhamin Poliment Grey


Selhamin Poliment Rose


Selhamin Poliment Red


Selhamin Poliment White


Selhamin Poliment Yellow


Selhamin Poliment Green


Selhamin Poliment Bole is a specially prepared and refined clay used in the preparation of surfaces which are to be gilded. It is available in 9 different colours as a wet paste or dry in 6 colours ready to be ground and mixed with distilled water.

1 kg Wet - (Red, White, Yellow, Black, Grey) - £30.00

1kg Wet - (Rose, Green) - £42.50
1kg Wet -
(Amalfi Blue, Latinum Blue) - £52.50
1kg Dry - (Red, White, Yellow, Black, Grey) - £53.00

Roberson Easy-Gild Gesso-Bole

Roberson's Easy-Gild System Gesso-Bole is made from the finest English clays and provides the perfect surface for a mirror gloss finish without the need for agate burnishing when used with Gold, Silver or composition Leaf. It is pre-mixed so requires no additional adhesive on non-porous surfaces. Porous surfaces should be sealed before the Bole is applied.

It is available in the following colours:- Terracotta, Dark Terracotta, Yellow Ochre, White and Black.

100ml - £12.50
500ml - £60.00