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Copper Leaf

Copper Leaf

     Copper metal leaf available in 140mm x 140mm booklets containing 25 leaves.

     Available in either loose leaf where the individual leaves sit between the pages of the booklet, or as transfer leaf where the gold leaf is pressed onto acid free waxed paper.

Also available in economical packs of 100, 500, 1000, 5000 or 10000 loose leaves which are a slightly larger 160mm x 160mm size.

Loose Leaf

£3.70 per book

Transfer Leaf

£4.20 per book

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Gold Leaf

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Prices shown exclude delivery.

Economy Packs of Copper Leaf - loose leaves

100 Leaves - £13.00
500 Leaves - £28.50

1000 Leaves - £54.00

   5000 Leaves - £255.00

  10000 Leaves - £490.00

Bucks Gold Leaf